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The Medica Sur campus consists of four multi-story buildings that include 204 beds, 21 operating rooms and over 500 medical offices.  As a part of a long-term strategic plan, the hospital elected to re-clad the exterior of the buildings to provide a fresh, modern aesthetic.  We were challenged to design a support system for the new exterior materials in such a way that the existing precast concrete panels could remain in place, therefore minimizing impact to the building occupants.  We were able to provide a cost-effective solution that achieved this goal and met the site’s challenging seismic design requirements.

Location:                   Mexico City, Mexico
Client:                        Beck Architecture (Executive Architect)
Owner:                      Medica Sur Group
Services Provided:   Feasibility study of existing buildings relative to the new cladding systems, Structural engineering to a 50% Design Development level, Review of milestone documents produced by local design team
Status:                       Design Development Phase